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The Political Methodologist is medium of communication concerning professional activities of the Section and its members. It is sent twice annually to all members of the section, and includes topics related to teaching, research, methodological debates, and computing.

TPM Policy on Reprinting
The Society for Political Methodology encourages all types of relevant submissions to The Political Methodologist. Recently we received a request to reprint two articles from the Spring 1995 issue: Larry Bartels' "Symposium on Designing Social Inquiry, Part 1" and Henry Brady's "Symposium on Designing Social Inquiry, Part 2: Doing Good and Doing Better" in the second edition of Rethinking Social Inquiry (Brady and Collier, forthcoming). Congratulations to both. To clarify our policy on reprints, all submitted work by authors that is published in The Political Methodologist remains solely the intellectual property of the author and may be used by him/her for other purposes. We ask only that authors and publishers notify the editorial staff of The Political Methodologist such that we may have some measure of the impact outside of the original publication.

The Political Methodologist is currently being edited by Justin Esarey, Randy Stevenson, Royce Carroll Rick Wilson

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Volume 21, Number 2, Spring 2014
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