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A Simulated Maximum Likelihood application to the 1988 Democratic Primary
Lawrence, Eric D.

Uploaded 03-28-1997
Keywords simulated maximum likelihood
multinomial probit
vote choice models
Abstract The multinomial probit model has some appealing advantages over models that do not allow for correlated errors, such as multinomial logit and conditional logit. With a few exceptions, however, multinomial probit models have not been estimated for vote choice models because of the computational costs inherent in evaluating high dimensional integrals. This paper explains one recently developed approach, simulated maximum likelihood combined with the GHK simulator, that makes it feasible to accurately estimate multinomial probit models. The method is demonstrated on a model of the 1988 Democratic Super Tuesday primary.

The Consequences of Majority-Minority Districts for Representation: Evidence of Partisan Mobilization, Countermobilization and Demobilization
Brandt, Patrick T.
Bailey, Michael

Uploaded 08-21-1997
Keywords Multinomial probit
panel data methods
simulated maximum likelihood
probability simulation
Abstract Few analyses of the effects of race-based congressional redistricting have used survey data to analyze the implications of redistricting. This type of micro-level data can add significant intuition to aggregate data analysis. This paper looks at whether voters respond to redistricting by mobilizing, demobilizing, or countermobilizing using panel data from the 1990-1992 National Election Study. A 2-period vote choice model is estimated using a multiperiod multinomial probit model, and controlling for the effects of redistricting. Results show that the presence of black Democratic candidates in majority-minority districts after redistricting reduces turnout by white voters for the Democratic candidates.

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