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The poster presentations have now been assigned numbers to aide in setup and to help you to find ones that are of interest. In addition, graduate posters have been categorized by content. See the linked faculty poster list and the graduate poster list. See also details and advice about the poster sessions.

PolMeth XXV welcome packets will be distributed on Thursday, July 10, from 8am to 11am on the second floor of the Michigan Union, and on Friday and Saturday, from 8am to 11am, on the first floor of the Union (breakfast and sessions start at 8:30 and 9am, respectively). Computing/wireless accounts will be distributed at these times, and from 12:00 to 12:30pm prior to Wednesday's miniconference. See our travel page and the Central Campus Map for instructions for getting to Ann Arbor, to hotels, and to initial conference events.

Details about Wednesday's miniconference, “Empirical Analysis of Complexity & Network Models”, and the Society for Political Methodology Women's Group Dinner are now given on the program.

Papers to be presented, and those related to posters, should be uploaded ASAP to the PolMeth repository for the benefit of all participants. They will then be noted shortly thereafter on the program with a «download» link. Please contact your discussant and other panelists when your paper has been added to the repository.

Use the Conference Directory to view contact information for other attendees.


This summer, 9 - 12 July 2008, the University of MichiganAnn Arbor is pleased to host the 25th Annual Summer Conference of the Society for Political Methodology (PolMeth XXV: Silver Edition!).

The Society for Political Methodology, the National Science Foundation, and the host institution have supported a summer conference in political methodology since 1984. Recent past conferences (since 2001) have been hosted at Penn State, UC-Davis, FSU, Stanford, Minnesota, Washington, and Emory. The 25th Annual, Silver Edition, PolMeth XXV, returns to the site of the storied 1st meeting, the University of Michigan!


This year's meeting continues the trend begun last year of responding to the success and popularity of past meetings by expanding the size and adapting the format of the conference to accommodate the great and rising demand. The meeting grew to about 160 attendees last year, and we expect to expand approximately 50% further this year. We will maintain the basic program format of recent years: plenary sessions with paper-presentations, discussant, and discussion, split sessions again with paper-presentations, discussant, and discussion, and poster-sessions. Also remaining in the conference format are continental breakfasts, lunch, and refreshments each day, an evening reception, and a dinner one evening. As in the past, all unfunded attendees must cover all of their other expenses (notably, hotel accommodations and any other meals, entertainment, and incidentals). Through a grant to the Society, the NSF will support travel, lodging, meals and incidentals for approximately 55 graduate students, women, minorities, or assistant professors, through a competitive and need-based process. (All credit and gratitude for gaining this tremendous expansion in public support of the Society and the Summer Conference properly goes to the grant’s Principle Investigators, Phil Schrodt and Jan Box-Steffensmeier.)


Attendees should plan to arrive Wednesday, 9 July 2008, and depart Sunday, 13 July 2008.

The core program will begin Thursday morning, the 10th, and conclude Saturday evening, the 12th. The plenary sessions of paper presentations, including the traditional as well as our keynote speaker, Susan Murphy, will be Thursday. Our business meeting will conclude Thursday’s sessions, and a welcome reception will follow. Friday will have three split sessions, with three simultaneous paper presentations. The fourth session on Friday will be the faculty poster session, followed by the revered graduate-student poster-session and an accompanying reception. Saturday will also have three split sessions, with two simultaneous paper presentations. The fourth session on Saturday will be a special roundtable to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Summer Meeting—featuring Chris Achen, John Jackson, Gary King, and Doug Rivers—to be followed by the closing dinner.

Following in the highly regarded tradition began last year, we will also host a mini-conference highlighting methodological work of scholars at or around Michigan, on Wednesday afternoon. The mini-conference, titled Empirical Analysis of Complexity & Network Models, is scheduled to feature U of M scholars Elizabeth Leicht, Scott Page, Dan Brown, and Elizabeth Bruch, with discussion by Ken Kollman and Walter Mebane.

Venues & Facilities

Regarding lodging, refer to Accommodations.

Regarding rooms and facilities for the sessions, refer to Rooms & Equipment.

Regarding the University of Michigan central campus and downtown Ann Arbor, refer to Local Info.


All attendees, excepting those funded by the grant, will pay the same registration fee: $200. The grant will pay that same registration fee directly for the approximately 55 that it funds.

As in the past, institutions and faculty are encouraged (and socially expected) to cover (or at least defray) conference-attendance costs for their graduate students. Reflecting that expectation and to encourage that norm, all graduate students applying to attend or to present work and attend the conference will be required to name and give an email address of a faculty recommender, as in the past, and also of a guarantor of funding, which is new this year. The guarantor may be the same as the faculty recommender, some other faculty, some institutional or other funding-source, including the student her/himself. The guarantor will be notified that she/he/it has been named so, and the application will not be valid until she/he/it confirms that they will pay the $200 registration fee if the student is accepted but unfunded. The option to self-guarantee means students willing or wishing to pay their own registration fees may do so, but the ability to name another as guarantor aims to reinforce the proper norm that some faculty or institution should pay. In any event, all attendees will be required to pay the $200 conference fee to register for the conference.


Please direct any questions regarding the conference left unaddressed by this page and the rest of the conference web site to Rob Franzese or Bryce Corrigan (graduate student assistant).

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